Workshop series on using the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit

At the core of the GLOBAL VALUE virtual launch will be a special 3-day workshop acquainting participants with core concepts of corporate impact measurement and management, virtual training sessions on available tools, methods and resources of the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit as well as the role of partnerships and governance in enabling a positive net contribution of business to the SDGs.

Day 2 will focus on how the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit can support organizations in better measuring and managing impacts on sustainable development.

This will include a series of webinars on:

1 – Using the GLOBAL VALUE tool navigator (Norma Schönherr & Patricia Schindler, 11:00)

2 – Choosing the right measurement tools for your needs (Adele Wiman, 11:35)

3 – Impact mapping for materiality assessment (Florian Findler, 12:10)

4 – What does an impact management system look like and how the tested tools can help in addressing the arising challenges (Armi Temmes, 12:45)

Register now for the GLOBAL VALUE virtual launch. Don’t miss the future of corporate impact measurement and management! Three days of travel-free learning and networking from the convenience of your desk.

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