Florian Findler Researcher at Institute for Managing Sustainability

Florian Findler

Florian Findler is Teaching and Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Institute for Managing Sustainability, WU Vienna.

As teaching and research associate Florian Findler is lecturing in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Supply Chain Management. In this context he is currently working on a project “Stories of Impact” in close collaboration with renowned Austrian companies and students preparing comprehensive illustrations of each company’s impacts on society.

He studied management at the University of Marburg and Hohenheim (Germany) as well as at the BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), with further study periods at CBS in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Jönköping International Business School (Sweden). During his studies, he worked as research assistant for the Chair for Marketing & Business Development at the University of Hohenheim. Prior to his studies, he was working in the IT sector and held various political positions on municipal level.


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