The GLOBAL VALUE toolkit provides knowledge, tools and resources for companies and other societal actors wishing to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together with business. The SDGs entered into force in 2016 and provide an unprecedented global reference agenda for sustainable development. The SDGs affirm an emerging consensus that companies may contribute to global sustainable development by enhancing positive impacts (e.g. economic development & poverty alleviation) and reducing negative ones (e.g. resource depletion & human rights violations) across bottom lines. This is what we call managing for global value.

What to expect

Up until June 2017, we will build the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit in this space with the newest resources, events and innovations on how companies can better measure and manage their contribution to the achievement of the SDGs. Here are a couple of highlights:



GLOBAL VALUE tool navigator

GLOBAL VALUE has collated and categorised more than 220 impact measurement and management tools. Be the first to get a sneak peek into the GLOBAL VALUE tool navigator and explore the largest categorised database of impact measurement & management tools.

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Tool reports and showcases

Together with footwear manufacturer Bata, paper & packaging producer Mondi, and the agribusiness Olam International we have put 15 widely applied tools to the test. We are currently compiling this data into tool reports and showcases containing key insights on the features, capabilities and usability of each tool.

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Governance for global value

What is the role of governance for creating global value? We investigated how systems of governance can enhance corporate responsibility and worked with companies and stakeholders to highlight governance challenges in the gold mining, textile and tea sectors in Tanzania and Bangladesh.


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Breaking down the SDGs

What do the SDGs mean for your company? How can you contribute today? We have broken down the SDGs for you and will publish sector profiles for businesses in 10 different sectors in the coming weeks.

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What the experts say

Effectively measuring and managing business impacts on development is no easy task. Socio-ecological effects of business activities materialise along complex pathways of impact. They span global value chains, affect diverse stakeholder groups, and involve trade-offs that can be daunting to deal with. The GLOBAL VALUE toolkit provides you with the resources you need to start tackling these challenges. Listen to experts from business and development explaining what is needed in the future to drive corporate sustainability.

Get involved

GLOBAL VALUE – Managing Business Impacts on Development is one of the largest EU-funded research projects to date addressing the measurement and management of business impacts on global sustainable development. There is still time to get involved.

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