Eurostat SDG Monitoring Report 2017

Has Europe progressed towards the SDGs?

The Eurostat SDG Monitoring Report 2017 has been officially released. The report provides a first statistical overview of trends relating to the SDGs in the EU.

The monitoring report describes progress made using a set of 100 indicators that are structured along the 17 SDGs. Two periods are considered: the short term, accounting for progress over the past five years, and the long term (when allowed by data availability), looking at the trends over the last 15 years. To provide a snapshot of overall development for each SDG, a synopsis presents a summary at goal level, while thematic chapters, one for each of the 17 SDGs, provide a detailed assessment of each related indicator.

Overall the EU made progress towards the 17 SDGs over the past five years. Progress for some goals has been faster than for others. In addition, within goals, movement away from the sustainable development objectives also happened in specific areas. These trends are described in the thematic chapters on the individual SDGs.

Download the full report here

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