Norma Schönherr on the GLOBAL VALUE tool navigator

In the current edition of the corporAID magazine Norma Schönherr – Project Manager at the WU Institute for Managing Sustainability – reports on corporate responsibility and the GLOBAL VALUE tool navigator as a new online service helping companies in finding fit for purpose tools to measure their impact.

The article talks about impact measurement and social responsibility in the business context. It refers to the GLOBAL VALUE project, which has dedicated the past three years to research on corporate impact measurement and management. On 12-14 June 2017, GLOBAL VALUE will release the results of the international collaboration of researchers in form of the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit during a virtual event.

More information:

Link to the article „Welches Werkzeug misst die Wirkung?“ by Katharina Kainz-Traxler (only available in german)

Link to GLOBAL VALUE toolkit

Link to GLOBAL VALUE tool navigator

Invitation and registration to the virtual event, the official release of the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit

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