Managing Business Impacts on Development

GLOBAL VALUE is one of the largest EU-funded research projects to date addressing the measurement and management of business impacts on global sustainable development. It aims to create a framework and toolkit that multinational companies can use to comprehensively assess and better manage their impacts.

The project is implemented by eleven research institutions, civil society organisations and companies.The consortium includes some of the leading minds in CSR and development research across Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Video-statements from the GLOBAL VALUE team

Lucia Reisch

Andrew Jenkins

Wolfgang Meyer

What's new at GLOBAL VALUE?

2016-10-14: GLOBAL VALUE finished testing 15 leading business impact measurement tools
All GLOBAL VALUE consortium partners and two corporate partners, BATA Brands SA and MONDI, met in Vie [...] >> More

2016-09-14: Health and safety issues persist in Bangladesh - factory fire in Tongi
Packaging factory saw a fire break out in the at an industrial complex in Tongi, north of the capital [...] >> More

2016-08-29: GLOBAL VALUE and MNEmerge led a Professional Development Workshop at the annual AOM meeting
The Global Value and MNEmerge projects organised a Professional Development Workshop on MNEs’ Corpo [...] >> More

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The GLOBAL VALUE project is funded by FP7 under
the SSH theme (Grant Agreement No. 613295).